Will Justin Bieber face the same consequences for his racist insensitivity?

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Justin Bieber is just another in a growing list of rich/famous people who are apologizing for making racist comments.

It seems like more & more celebs or rich & famous have had comments they’ve made come back to haunt them. The most recent to be caught is Justin Bieber. A video of him as a younger teenage boy telling a racist joke to his friends has been published. He has apologized &  mentions his youth as sort of an excuse. Well, Brendan Spaar said if age didn’t excuse Paula Deen or Donald Stirling then it shouldn’t work for Bieber.

Paula Deen & Donald Stirling grew up in an era when Blacks weren’t given equal respect. Their schools  & neighborhoods would have been segregated so that might have shaped their early outlook. Justin Bieber doesn’t have that excuse. He was born after the Civil Rights Movement & surely went to school with students of different ethnicity. But after seeing some of his other behavior, it seems like he has disrespect for a lot more than race.

The consequences of Paula Deen’s comments were being fired from Food Network as a show host & losing millions of dollars in product endorsements. Donald Sterling  has been banned for life from the NBA & is being forced to sell his NBA team after he was recorded making racist comments to his “girlfriend”. Public backlash against these two rich & famous leaves no doubt that there is no excuse for intolerance when it comes to race. If that is true then Justin Bieber should be treated the same. If old age is no excuse then neither should being young & foolish.

Will Bieber face the same public outrage or will there be a double standard? Brendan Spaar is going to wait & see what happens next.