Walmart is the Energizer Bunny of shopping. It just keeps going & going!

Almost everywhere you go in the US, you can’t help but pass a Walmart. The stores seem to pop up everywhere and are always busy. Need chips and hot dogs for the weekend game? Walmart has it. Got weeds in your lawn? Hit the garden center at Walmart. Brendan Spaar wonders what we did before Walmart took over our shopping lives.

Get ready for the next Walmart experience- health clinics! The latest area for the Walmart invasion consists of health care clinics in some of its stores. A certified nurse practitioner will help you with many medical issues for the low starting price of $40. The clinics will accept insurance, Medicare and the usual cash, check or credit cards. If you were working out in the yard and pulled up some vines that gave you a rash, you can now go to certain Walmart stores and get the rash treated while you buy weed killer for the poison ivy.

Brendan Spaar hasn’t seen a clinic at any of the local Walmarts in Cumming, Ga but on August 29,2014 there were 2 clinics opened in Georgia. Is this the sign of things to come? CVS and Walgreens have medical clinics at some of their stores. This could be a low cost option for people that don’t have the time or money for a regular office visit at a doctor’s office. If people are worried about Obamacare being expensive then this might help them out. Walmart employees only pay a $4 charge to use the clinic. This might be a smart move because sick employees lose money if they have to be out.

It will be interesting to see how well this works. One wonders what will be the next Walmart idea. Maybe a vet clinic so you could get your flu shot and Fido’s shots at the same time. You never know!