The Big Bang Theory- tv show or scientific event. What do Americans believe in most?

A recent poll by the Associated Press found that there are more skeptics of the scientific Big Bang Theory than believers.

A recent poll by the Associated Press reveals that 51% of Americans don’t really believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang. They believe a “supreme being” must have created it because the universe is so complex. Political and religious values were closely tied to views on science in the poll.  Democrats were more likely than Republicans to support the scientific theory. Scientists are disappointed that faith carries more weight in the decision than the supporting scientific facts do.

Brendan Spaar wonders if anyone taking the survey knew that the person who first posed (in 1927) what became the Big Bang Theory  was Georges Lemaître, a Belgian Roman Catholic priest, astronomer, and professor of physics at the Universite catholique de Louvain. Surely a priest would be the first one to put faith over science unless he found facts to support his theory.

If they polled the same people again, Brendan Spaar thinks that more people would find the Big Bang theory tv show “facts” more believable than the ones supported by Nobel Prize winning scientists.