Telling your kids to behave and “Don’t make me stop this car” just got easier.

Toyota has come up with a feature that lets you communicate with people in the back seats using a microphone.
Manufacturer: Toyota
Model: Sienna minivan

Remember the days when you were a kid riding in the car and cutting up in the back seat? Your Mom or Dad would try to drive while peeking in the rear view mirror while hollering “Don’t make me stop this car”. Well, Brendan Spaar sure does and is glad to report that Toyota has come up with a safer way to “yell” at your kids. It’s called “Driver Easy Speak” and will be available on the 2015 Sienna minivan.

Now instead of yelling you can use a built in microphone that sends your voice through speakers in the back. There’s also a “pull down conversation mirror” that lets you make sure that little Billy or Susie aren’t getting into the chocolate donuts in the groceries on the back seat. Brendan Spaar thinks they should also install a DVD screen on the back of the front seat that comes on when you use the Easy Speak so the back seat mischief makers can see you.

Brendan plans on checking out the new Sienna to see if it gives you the feeling you get when on an airplane and the captain comes on with his announcements. Imagine using the Easy Speak to say “Mom and Dad would like to thank you for riding with us today. Our estimated time of arrival at your soccer game is 10 minutes”. What will automakers think of next?