Pizza home delivery has a whole new meaning

Brendan Spaar delivers pizzas in Alpharetta GA

Have you ever wanted a house so badly that you’d do almost anything to make sure your offer was accepted? Well,there’s a new homeowner that got the house he hoped for and free pizza was the offer they couldn’t resist.

Housing in Portland, Oregon is very competitive. Houses don’t stay for sale very long and multiple offers are normal. Prices are high and bidding wars are common so to win the house of your dreams you either need a lot of money or luck.

Donna DiNicola was desperately trying to seal the deal on a 900 square foot house for her son. She had submitted her best offer($275,000) and even threw in 2 free months of rent so the sellers could take their time moving out. Just to make the offer impossible to resist, she offered free pizza every month for life!

The sellers were so impressed by how much the she wanted the house that they agreed to the offer. It helps that DiNicola owns an Italian restaurant. The seller’s son turns 4 soon and the family is looking forward to their free pizza for his birthday dinner.

This time instead of delivering the pizza to the home, the home was delivered by pizza!