Oklahoma says hoodies aren’t ok.

Brendan Spaar says no to hoodies


Everyone wants to live and work in a safe environment. If you go into a bank these days it’s not uncommon to see signs saying to remove hats or sunglasses that could disguise your face. These are things that we’ve grown accustomed to and pretty much don’t give a second thought. Well, a state senator in Oklahoma wants to take it one step further.

Oklahoma already has a law that bans people from hiding their identity by wearing clothing that covers their faces, including hooded sweatshirts, during the commission of a crime. Republican state senator Don Barrington has proposed an amendment to that bill to make it illegal to hide your identity in public for the rest of the people too.

If the proposed change passes, you will no longer be allowed to wear anything that might hide your face. This could include sunglasses, hooded shirts or jackets and some hats. This has many people concerned about being stopped or harassed for wearing something that might be questionable. The weather in Oklahoma can get wet and cold so wearing a hoodie is not an uncommon sight for residents of the state.

There are a few exceptions to the ban. It wouldn’t apply to people dressing up for Halloween, masquerade parties or parades. Anyone required to cover their faces because of religious beliefs would also be exempt. It also allows  people who have to cover their faces for safety or medical purposes, or for protection from the weather to be exempt.

If you get caught with a fashion offense the fine would be $500. Reaction from some residents and attorneys is less than positive. Will this make Oklahoma a safer place? It seems doubtful that this alone would curb a rise in crime. Enforcement will be interesting and Brendan Spaar would love to be in court to watch the first case go to trial.