Looking for the perfect job? Try Netflix!

Netflix wants to pay someone to watch it all day

Ever had one of those days (or weekends) where you just lounge on the couch watching Netflix? We probably all have done it but Brendan Spaar found out that Netflix actually wants to pay someone to watch it all day. It appears that Netflix has a system that suggests movies and shows you might like based on what you’ve been watching. And you wondered why they kept telling you about all those weird movies ! Well, just in case you haven’t watched enough for them to make you a list, they use info from “taggers”. These “taggers” watch Netflix &  analyze  the content so they can add things to the database. Who wouldn’t like getting money for something you’ve been paying for in the past?

Talk about a great job! Brendan Spaar would love to have a job like that but for now they’re only looking to hire someone in the UK. Wonder if one of the benefits could be all you can eat popcorn!