It’s true- Selling yourself is the hardest sell of all!

It pays to advertise when you're looking for a job.

A recent UK college grad was facing the same problem that many people in the US have. He had applied for  over 300 jobs and  sent out resumes with no luck in landing a job. It seemed that having excellent grades in college wasn’t enough to make this guy stand out. So he decide to expand his search using social media and a subway station in hopes that someone would give him a chance.

Brendan Spaar remembers the job hunt all too well. The hardest thing to do is make it through the automated screening process and talk to a real person. There are so many people looking for work that have experience as well as a degree and are willing to take entry level jobs just to have a paycheck. This means that employers can hire someone with education and experience for about the same money as what a college grad with little work experience might cost them.

By using Twitter to spread the word of his job hunt, Alfred Ajani posted a picture of himself in a suit holding a sign with the most important facts about himself. He was in a subway station during rush hour hoping that someone would take notice. It seems to have worked because he has had an interview and there are several other promising leads. His degree in marketing might help him market himself right into a job. Just goes to show that it does pay to advertise.