Is Judge Joe Brown ready for the REAL courtroom?

Judge Joe Brown is hoping to go back to court, a real one, if he wins the race for DA in Tennessee.

Judge Joe Brown is no stranger to the courtroom. He was a judge in Memphis, Tn before getting his own tv show about 15 years ago. His show was canceled last year so he is trying to get back into a real courtroom by running for District Attorney in Shelby County. Brendan Spaar thinks that Judge Brown will have no trouble doing debates or commercials for his campaign since he is familiar with being in front of a camera. What may be a problem is the fact that Judge Brown was arrested in  March in that same county.  He was arrested &  in county jail for losing control in a courtroom where he was supposed to represent someone in a juvenille court case. Well, at least he can honestly say he has experience in ALL areas of that legal system now.