Is it true that “money talks”?

The recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key point in campaign finance law now allows anyone to give to as many political candidates, campaigns or parties as they want.
Washington , DC

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to allow donations to as many political parties, candidates or campaigns as you want seems to give truth to the saying that “money talks”. Donors with the most money can spread their contributions more widely than the average wage earner with a limited amount of resources to give. If Brendan Spaar was on the Supreme Court the outcome might have been different. He believes money shouldn’t be the deciding factor on who we vote for.

It seems a real stretch to claim that limiting campaign contributions violates freedom of speech. It’s like saying that the guy who yells the loudest wins. In this case the yelling is done with a checkbook. Brendan Spaar would like to support many more worthy candidates than he has money to give. His freedom of speech is limited by his finances. Donald Trump, Warren Buffett & other political supporters like them don’t have that same restriction now. Is their opinions or candidates they support more valuable than yours? It appears the Supreme Court has said yes.

The upcoming elections this fall will be interesting to watch. Anyone want to guess how much will be spent & by whom?