Getting calls from an Indian call center can cost you more than your time

Indian call centers
If you've ever gotten a call from someone in an Indian call center telling you that your PC is infected, just say no.

Have you ever gotten one of those annoying calls during dinner and the person on the other end is trying to make your life easier by selling you their product? Brendan Spaar wonders how they think anyone believes that the guy with the heavy foreign accent is really named Paul Walker or something so American sounding. If you don’t believe their name is real how can you believe they’re telling the truth about the product they’re pushing?

Recently, Tech Central decided to take on the call center scammers. When they got a call telling them their PC was infected, they pretended to go along. The caller gave an American sounding name and went on to tell them how his company’s product could fix the virus problem. All he needed was access to their computer. Anyone seeing red flags about this?

The scammer uses fear and ignorance of computers to trick people into thinking their computer has a virus that is sending their personal info out to the world. He told Tech Central to do some commands on their PC and when a code popped up, he said this showed how badly the computer was infected. People that are not familiar with computers might be fooled but the guys at Tech Central went along to see how far he’d go.

The call center scammer wanted remote access to “clean” the computer of the viruses. The only thing that would’ve gotten “cleaned” would have been your personal info stored on the computer. This could include financial info as well as other personal info you might not want to share. Luckily, the scammer called someone who knew they were not legit. Some people might get taken advantage of if they’re not careful.

Brendan Spaar has his own way of dealing with solicitation calls no matter where they’re from. When someone calls trying to sell him something , he acts like he’s old and can’t hear or understand what they’re saying. He asks them to speak up and speak slowly. Then he has them repeat what they’re saying several times. He repeats back what they said and each time changes it up. Usually by the 3rd time the callers get fed up and hang up.

So the next time you get a call from a foreign call center, don’t waste your time or money by listening to them.