Can Siri be an accomplice to a crime?


Many of us have a love/hate relationship with using SIRI but there are some things Brendan Spaar would never think someone would ask it to do.

Anyone using an  iPhone or  iPad is probably familiar with Siri, the magical personal assistant feature. It can help you find a fabulous place to propose to your girlfriend, remind you of a dentist appointment, and just make life easier for you. One thing that the developers at Apple probably never imagined is that Siri would be asked where to hide someone’s body.

Back in 2012, Pedro Bravo was arrested and accused of drugging and murdering his roommate because he was dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend. The roommate was a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Police allege that Bravo asked Siri for advice on where to hide the body.

They have info from his iPhone showing “I need to hide my roommate.” Siri is shown replying,“What kind of place are you looking for?” before offering four options: “Swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries, dumps”. Also collected from Bravo’s iPhone were records of him using the phone’s flashlight function nine times from 11.31pm to 12:01am on the day his roommate disappeared. The roommate’s body was found weeks later by hunters that came across the shallow grave in a nearby forest.

Apparently, Apple has corrected this “flaw” in Siri. If you ask Siri how to hide a body today “she” won’t answer in the same way. “She” simply says: “‘I used to know the answer to this”. Brendan Spaar wonders if Siri could be considered an accomplice because “she” suggested locations to hide the roommate. This has to be one of  the most bizarre uses of technology he’s seen lately.