Brendan Spaar says Watch out for this on the GA 400!

The Active Lane Assist on the Infiniti Q50s is not auto-pilot!
Manufacturer: Infiniti
Model: Q50s

Driving an Infiniti can be a life changing experience- especially if you decide to climb out of the driver’s seat while the car is in adaptive cruise control. The Infiniti Q50s has an Active Lane Assist that is supposed to help you stay in your own lane & correct drifting but you shouldn’t decide to do something crazy like read a book, make a sandwich or move from the driver’s seat just to prove you can.

There is a video online ( made by two German men leaving the driver’s seat while the car is driving down the highway. The Active Lane Assist & adaptive cruise control make it appear to be on auto-pilot. Now this isn’t on a closed track with extra safety controls in place. You can see the traffic ahead on the highway. Brendan Spaar doubts Infiniti will be using the video in any marketing ads.

Brendan Spaar owns an Infiniti & will quickly tell you it is a great driving car. However, the need for speed &  performance requires paying attention too. So next time you’re driving down GA 400 just hope no one decides to test the Active Lane Control like the Germans did.