Advice to Donald Sterling- Mean what you say & say what you mean

L A Clippers
Donald Sterling may own the Clippers but he'll be watching their games on tv like everyone else after his remarks to his girlfriend made the news.

It stands to reason that someone as rich & well known as Clippers owner Donald Sterling (a former lawyer) should know that in today’s digital world you have to be extra careful about what you say & do. Especially at a big time sporting event where there are bound to be fans with cellphones & cameras everywhere ready to catch anything of interest. But we are talking about the guy who dyes his hair to look younger (like the rest of him doesn’t look old) & thinks someone like V. Stiviano is with him for love not money.

Rush Limbaugh is defending him by throwing out the theory that Sterling was set up by his girlfriend. Brendan Spaar wouldn’t take advice from Limbaugh or believe what he says because Limbaugh has made a living from offensive remarks in his books, radio talk show & speaking events. Maybe Don Sterling can go on Rush’s show & see who can be the most insulting. With a $2.5 million fine to pay & being banned from NBA events, Sterling will need to do something.

The NBA Commissioner Silvers wants to force Sterling to sell the Clippers. Brendan Spaar doubts that will be easy to do. Team owners usually stick together even if they privately disagree. This is another time that what went on in the sidelines was as exciting as what happened in the game.