Advice to Bobby Jindal- don’t get those change of address cards just yet.

Repubican Party
Governor of Louisiana

Having lived a large portion of his life in Louisiana, Brendan Spaar is used to good old boy politics. Now it seems like the governor of Louisiana is hoping to make a move on up to the East Side and take on Washington. He is going to have a battle if Chris Christie joins in the race. With vastly different styles it should be interesting to see them match up for debates.

Governor Jindal is known for his fast talking and  conservative stand on important issues.  In contrast, Governor Christie seems to be a more hands on, man of the people in his political approach. Both have issues from their home states that might be used by the other side to try and convince voters that they are the right person for the job.

Bobby Jindal  recently told a Times reporter that “the next big elections can’t be ones about personalities or just about slogans”. Does that mean we’ll be seeing less attack ads and bumper stickers? Brendan Spaar doubts that. It should be fun to see what happens in the coming months.