7 million reasons to get well soon.

There are many reasons why Brendan Spaar wishes people would get well soon

Imagine you’re recouping after having surgery. Isn’t it nice to get a card from someone wishing you a speedy recovery? Some people send flowers or balloons to cheer up the patient but Joseph Amorese got the best get well present of all.

Amorese lives in Easton, PA and was recovering from hernia surgery. His father lives in New York and decided to send him a card with a lottery ticket inside to make him feel better. After opening the card and scratching off the “$7 million Golden Ticket,”he was in shock. The gift from his father was a winning ticket and now he has 7 million reasons to get well soon!

When he called his wife at work to share the news, he’s lucky she didn’t have to go to the hospital! If he wasn’t still healing from surgery he probably would have been doing the happy dance. For now, the Amoreses plan to keep their jobs but who knows what the future will bring for them. You can bet that Amorese is feeling much better. Brendan Spaar wonders if they are framing the card since it definitely was the best get well medicine of all.