Florida Man Gives New Meaning To Having A Pot Belly

A 450 lb Florida man was arrested for hiding drugs in his stomach fat.

Friday the 13th was really unlucky for  Christopher Mitchell and Keithian Roberts. These Volusia County, Florida men were arrested after police stopped them on a seat belt violation. Weighing 450 pounds, Mitchell claimed he was too fat to wear the seat belt.

Police suspected something else more serious might be going on because both men were acting nervous. A drug detecting K9 dog was brought in and found the marijuana.  There was 23 grams of marijuana and some cocaine hidden in Mitchell’s stomach fat. Brendan Spaar would love to have seen the video of that search. Police also found a gun and $7,000 cash in a tube sock. No word yet on where they found the tube sock.

The men were charged with drug possession and Mitchell was cited for the seat belt violation. If this goes to trial, Brendan Spaar wonders what will be Mitchell’s defense. He wouldn’t want to be on that jury when they show where they found the drugs.

If you can’t stand the “heat”, don’t go into Amy’s kitchen!

Amy's Baking Company

Brendan Spaar enjoys good food & can tell you lots of great places to eat around the Atlanta Georgia area. Never has he seen the type of craziness that seems to be a regular event at Amy’s Baking Company. It is hard to be sympathetic to the owners when they try to justify their rude & extreme behavior like they are the victims. They charge customers for food & if there are complaints they insult & throw them out. Employees are accused of disrespecting Amy & her husband when it’s the other way around. Facebook & blogger posts are very critical but the restaurant owners say they are fake & attacks because the identity of the posters is hidden.

If you can watch both April Kitchen Nightmare episodes & the Dr Phil interview it’ll make you wonder if all they wanted was free publicity. They felt their food was great, the restaurant was beautiful & Gordon Ramsay didn’t know what he was talking about. So why did they contact the show if they were doing everything right?

Brendan Spaar hopes he isn’t going to find himself in trouble with Amy now that he has written these comments. Maybe the owners of Amy’s Baking Company need to remember the old saying- “Be careful that your words are sweet because someday you might have to eat them”.